Friday, September 4, 2009

1/4" 18" Crosshatch Template

The 18" square 1/4" template mounts on the CL Stepping disk, as seen in the picture below. It works well with the
Push Button Crosshatch System .
The template for most long arm machines is 18 inches square. The template for some mid arm machines, such as the Lenni and HQ16, is 17" x 17".
Do diagonals in one direction, and then lift and turn template 90 degrees to do the other direction.

Wavy appearance of the stitching is caused by machine stitch vibration. It will vary depending on machine used.
Template mounted on Stepping Disk

Both Models $149.00

Introductory price until September 31





.625 inch Separation 18 x 18 Crosshatching template

1" Separation Crosshatch Template mounted on BasePlate

1/2" Separation Curved Crosshatch Template mounted on BasePlate

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